The story behind the bear ...

Comfy ‘s Coat is a story about a bear and is a plush toy with a fabulous coat. But, he is so much more.

He is more the product of a long career working with children and families and wanting to provide a resource to comfort as well as support children and adults in the area of managing emotions.

A little about Kaylene ...

I grew up and currently live on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. As a young girl I only ever wanted to be a primary teacher, which I achieved on leaving school, only to further my studies with 0-5’s at Tresillian. I then continued in this role on a maternity ward for several years. Following this, I ran parenting programs enhanced by my own experience as a mother of 4, finding that managing big emotions always seemed to be my undoing.

After further study to become a counsellor and relationship educator, I have become very aware that most parents and teachers feel ill-equipped in this area and many families have additional challenges with a variety of presentations that make emotion regulation even more of a struggle.

My experience over the last 10 years as a school counsellor and working with parents has taught me several things:

  • Firstly, parents want the best for their children, but sometimes feel at a loss as to how to help them manage their big feelings (usually because we were never taught how to self-soothe ourselves.)

  • Secondly, children learn this skill within the context of relationship i.e., co-regulation.

  • Thirdly, something to facilitate this process would be very helpful.

And as a result of these things, and a lot of problem-solving…Comfy was created.

I have never dreamed of being an author or of starting a business, but those skills have become a means to a passionate end.

My heart for this project has always been for Comfy to bring comfort, as his name implies, and restore a feeling of safety and body calm in class, at home or anywhere he goes with your precious ones as the protector of their special little things.

Kaylene also runs ‘Caring with Confidence Workshops’, training parents, carers and educators on managing challenging emotions in children. For more information about Kaylene’s courses and workshops please visit

“I read the book to Sarah, a 3 year old, she was very interested in the part when Katy didn’t want to go to Kindy. I felt her taking in that part of the story.”

Mel, Carer of 3yo