What are some ideas for things to go in Comfy's pockets ?

Fill Comfy’s coat pockets with sensory or fidget items that children can use for emotion regulation and sensory modulation.

Comfy can sit in your room’s calming corner for the moments when children need time out to soothe.

Things to see

small liquid timer, a love-note, drawing from you, small puzzles, photos, mindful bottles, water filled games, favourite treasures, toys, small notebook and pencils

Things to touch

squishies, stretchy lizards, dinosaurs, strings, rubber pom-poms, fidget toys, small spiky ball or animal, plush squishy or toy, bendy rubber toys, tangle toys, putty, poppits, dimple toys

Things to smell

small fabric or piece of blankie with essential oil or any preferred scent, scented stickers on paper, scratch and sniff cards, scented markers and pencils

Things to hear

small rainmakers, earplugs, noise cancelling earbuds

Things to taste

chew toys, pencil toppers, necklace

Weighted items

small heat-pack, small bag of rice for weight in rear pocket

Breathing toys

harmonica, kazoo, bubbles, small pinwheels

Objects that identify feelings

zones of regulation cards, coloured fabric squares

Anything your child loves the feel/ look/ smell/ sound of, that soothes and calms them, and that you are ok with. The aim is to discover what your child responds to and finds satisfying. Your occupational therapist might also have some ideas.

Share your story

We would love to know what items your child(ren) have found effective for soothing  and calming.

Feel free to email us with stories and photos so we can share your suggestions with other parents/ carers on our website.

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When might Comfy be used ?

  • When you notice low intensity emotions or in your child.
    (e.g. frustration, concern, tiredness, boredom, agitation, annoyance)
  • When the body looks like it needs some calming.

  • At pick-up time for the car trip home.

  • In the calming corner of a classroom/ centre.

  • Whenever some down time is needed at home or in a class/ group setting.

  • For connecting children and carers via a discovery of some precious treasures or notes.